Cannon was born and raised in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan.  The life-way he was offered there proved unfulfilling, so he set out to find another.  He didn’t know where to look, nor even what he was looking for, but he trusted that the path would be laid out before him.  Indeed, that path presented itself to him and led him through 30 countries in 10 years, through enriching experiences with extremely diverse peoples and cultures, through countless adventures and endeavors and educational opportunities, and to where he stands today: as a man who can provide for himself and his tribe in a direct and meaningful way.

Now he strives to create and offer a sustainable, fulfilling life-way to those who seek as he once did.

Cannon is a certified Naturalist and Educator with almost 20 years experience living in some of the wildest places left on Earth. He has empowered thousands of people with skills that they will use for the rest of their lives, and pass on to future generations and he has  guided many in re-kindling intimate relationships with the wild world and its wonders.  He continues to inspire those he has encountered to have the courage to risk the unknown and to work to create the life they want,