Designer and artist Meggen Connolley believes we are all potential creators put here to achieve our highest path and that although many of us walk around in a dream state, once the switch is turned on, the creator emerges.

After returning to her hometown after touring the globe, Meggen began to sell her art t-shirts in a shop in town and commenced learning to sew. Soon an endless stream of ideas began to invade her mind- and she felt she had found her calling. 

Her clothing line, Magnetic Threads, is made in the USA in the artist town of Bisbee, Arizona, by herself and her husband Eric Meyer, while their newborn baby girl Larrea looks on. The couple creates all of their products in a small sewing studio in their back yard. All of our fabric is bought in the USA and they try and use organic fabric whenever possible.

Magnetic Threads has taken part in fashion weeks in Santa Fe, Kansas City, and El Paso and have been featured in fashion magazines including Fashion Shift out of the UK, Stilo magazine, Tucson Lifestyle, and Zocolo magazine. They have made appearances as designers on television shows including The Morning Blend in Tucson and The Jorge Show out of Miami. They have also shown their work at Tucson Fashion Week where they won an award from the acclaimed fashion designer Betsey Johnson for their unique fashion art installation.