Disclaimer: Bisbee Craft School loves all of our Cochise County artists and craftspeople on principle, but that doesn't mean we are personally familiar with their work. When contacting an artist or craftsperson for a potential job, we recommend you ask for several examples of past work before making a decision about working with them and also come to a mutual agreement about payment on paper.  Different people have different ideas of what "art" and "craft" are, and working with an actual human is never as simple as buying a mass-produced object, but we know it can be far more fulfilling when it does go well.  Bisbee Craft School is not financially responsible for any business dealings that come out of anyone's use of this list.

But we do love to hear about success stories..


Ken Boe

Email Address: kenboe@gmail.com

Preferred Contact Number for Clients: N/A

Work Description: I am currently developing an encaustic-fresco mural technique which has been successful on individual artworks since 2009. I am an experimental painter and poet who has developed a number of proprietary techniques, materials, and processes, using certain types of content. I have been active as an artist since 1990, with considerable influences, experience, and training going back further. While I might not work with just any old sentimental imagery, I am willing to translate, and to collaborate. The wax used in the murals will mostly be melted from from crayons recycled from the dining rooms of Yellowstone National Park, once used by visiting children and their imaginations. They are mixed with tree resin, and other pigments, and sometimes paints. Translucent areas will use a sun-bleached clear beeswax and damar resin. Elements of collage or assemblage may also be introduced. I can work with both experimental and traditional plasters, depending on the commission. The mural components would usually need to be created on panels laying down flat, then later secured to the wall surface. This also means, however, that they could possibly be uninstalled and moved or stored should the need to ever arise. I should be ready to accept commissions by early spring of 2016.

Website: www.kenboe.com


Robin Bray

Email Address: robinsbrush26@gmail.com

Preferred Contact Number for Clients: 5202556569

Work Description: Vibrant acrylic paintings, screen printed art.

Website: robinsbrush.com


Jill Dredge

Email Address: jill.dredge44@yahoo.com

Preferred Contact Number for Clients: 520-826-5216

Work Description: My work is paintings and drawings in a realistic style of southwestern, western, nature, and animal subjects. I have shown in many regional juried exhibitions and won awards as well as having my work in corporate, museum, and private collections. The mediums I use vary from oil painting to pencil and most everything in between. I enjoy instructing an art class weekly. My paintings are sized from miniatures of 4 X 5" to large oil paintings.

Website: www.jilldredge.etsy.com


Monti Eaton

Email Address: buddynutcherios@gmail.com

Preferred Contact Number for Clients: 5202261983

Work Description: Painting and carpentry: murals /signs/store design/ odd carpentry.

Website: facebook.com/bottleknothollows


Sara Lee Edwards

Email Address: saraleeinaz@gmail.com

Preferred Contact Number for Clients: 520-559-4153

Work Description: Bisbee artist who has been drawing for 3.5 years now. Most work done in colored pencil, but new media such as acrylic paints, charcoal, mixed media, on the horizon as I learn more about art and what it takes to create it.


Russell Catdaddy Gillespie

Email Address: catdadddybluesband@yahoo.com

Preferred Contact Number for Clients: 520-249-6850

Work Description: Drawing, Painting, and stuff.

Website: facebook: Art by Catdaddy Gillespie


Heather Green

Email Address: heathergreenstudios@gmail.com

Preferred Contact Number for Clients: 602-430-2390

Work Description: I am a contemporary artist working in soft pastels, charcoal, printmaking, sculpture, and mixed-media. My imagery spans the continuum between realistic, symbolic, abstract, and non-objective, documenting moments in my life. It is a collection of routines, relationships, feelings, and events that collide with colors and textures on paper to produce an image. In creating art, I find myself. I can see my history, how I perceive the world, and where I am at present in the pigments, found objects, and materials as I work. My art is a result of collaboration with emotions, materials, and process.

Website: www.heathergreenstudios.com


Dela Hayes

Email Address: Artemisdee68@gmail.com

Preferred Contact Number for Clients: 207-408-4782

Work Description: Acrylic, oil, limited watercolor, as well as aet clay silver jewelry and paper crafts. Looking into adding embellishments to furniture in a collaborative way.

Website: None


Laurie McKenna

Email Address: Lunacactus@gmail.com

Preferred Contact Number for Clients: 520-732-0064

Work Description: Laurie is a multi-disciplinary artist. Her projects often include digital media, performance and writing. Her 2-dimensional work includes drawing, oils and mixed media.
Most of her work is rooted on cultural history and socio-economic examinations.

Website: www.rockpaperfence.com



Stephen Miller

Email Address: luckybuckystevemiller@gmail.com

Preferred Contact Number for Clients: 802-461-7251

Work Description: Sign Painting, Truck Lettering, Pinstriping, Murals.

Website: https://sites.google.com/site/sdmillerlettering/showcase



Georgia Papadakis

Email Address: georgia.papadakis@gmail.com

Preferred Contact Number for Clients: 937-631-2739

Work Description: Mermaids, fairies, ghosts and spirit horses are just some of the creatures you'll encounter in my work. The inspiration comes from dreams, folklore, direct observation and crazy sparks of intuition. I paint primarily in acrylics, drawn to that medium's capacity for interesting layering effects. I've an extensive background in figure and life drawing, and am available for portrait commissions. My small format art is available at https://www.etsy.com/shop/faerydroppings, and you can follow me on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/faerydroppings/
Thanks for looking!

Website: www.georgiapapadakis.com


Rose Suntken

Email Address: Crazyaster@hotmail.com

Preferred Contact Number for Clients: (248)497-6737

Work Description: Experimental and fine arts. Working primarily in oil paint on canvas.

Website: Www.facebook.com/rosesuntkenart


Carolyn Toronto

Email Address: carolyntoronto@gmail.com

Preferred Contact Number for Clients: 520-437-6165

Work Description: Private and public murals, caricatures for events private and public, created Border Bedazzlers with artist Gretchen Baer, bringing supplies and directing painting on the border wall on the Naco, Mexico side, narrative and political illustrations for publications, watercolor pencil, acrylic, pastels, charcoal, computer graphics in photoshop.

Website: www.carolyntoronto.com


Louise Walden

Email Address: louise100752@gmail.com

Preferred Contact Number for Clients: 5205073104

Work Description: Fine art paintings mostly oils but also work with acrylic, pastel and pencil. 
I also do hand thrown pottery and crafts..

Website: http://artbylouisewalden.weebly.com/


Carolyn Yeutter

Email Address: bcyeutter@gmail.com

Preferred Contact Number for Clients: 928 242 3616

Work Description: pen and ink drawings(on display at Tang gallery) hand constructed books