Disclaimer: Bisbee Craft School loves all of our Cochise County artists and craftspeople on principle, but that doesn't mean we are personally familiar with their work. When contacting an artist or craftsperson for a potential job, we recommend you ask for several examples of past work before making a decision about working with them and also come to a mutual agreement about payment on paper.  Different people have different ideas of what "art" and "craft" are, and working with an actual human is never as simple as buying a mass-produced object, but we know it can be far more fulfilling when it does go well.  Bisbee Craft School is not financially responsible for any business dealings that come out of anyone's use of this list.

But we do love to hear about success stories..


Juliette Beaumont

Email Address: tfbjuliette@gmail.com

Preferred Contact Number for Clients: (520) 508-7652

Work Description: Specializing in mixed media, with a focus on found materials. Leather work (hand crafted - no machines). Woodworking. Ceramics. Silversmithing. Welding. Sculpture. Assemblage. Special interest in Dia de los Muertos related artwork.

Website: https://www.etsy.com/shop/tfbjuliette1959


Gail Campbell

Email Address: camrich@cableone.net

Preferred Contact Number for Clients: 520-732-0692

Work Description: Printmaking - monotypes, lino cuts. Recycled & painted furniture. Sculptural vessels woven from tree bark & copper. Paper maker - sculptural wall art.

Website: in development


Heather Green

Email Address: heathergreenstudios@gmail.com

Preferred Contact Number for Clients: 602-430-2390

Work Description: I am a contemporary artist working in soft pastels, charcoal, printmaking, sculpture, and mixed-media. My imagery spans the continuum between realistic, symbolic, abstract, and non-objective, documenting moments in my life. It is a collection of routines, relationships, feelings, and events that collide with colors and textures on paper to produce an image. In creating art, I find myself. I can see my history, how I perceive the world, and where I am at present in the pigments, found objects, and materials as I work. My art is a result of collaboration with emotions, materials, and process.

Website: www.heathergreenstudios.com


Rose Hall

Email Address: thecircusoftinyinvisibility@yahoo.com

Preferred Contact Number for Clients: (520) 366-4409

Work Description: Puppet maker, puppeteer


Nancy McBroom

Email Address: nmcbroom@hotmail.com

Preferred Contact Number for Clients: 520-366-1299

Work Description: Recycled repurposed art. Mixed media acrylic.


Laurie McKenna

Email Address: Lunacactus@gmail.com

Preferred Contact Number for Clients: 520-732-0064

Work Description: Laurie is a multi-disciplinary artist. Her projects often include digital media, performance and writing. Her 2-dimensional work includes drawing, oils and mixed media.
Most of her work is rooted on cultural history and socio-economic examinations.



Eva Nagy

Email Address: eva@enmosaics.com

Preferred Contact Number for Clients: 520-227-8800 (email contact is preferred)

Work Description: Fine mosaic art for the home using stained glass, ceramic tile, shards, beads, mixed media, and found objects. I make functional mosaics such as coffee tables, chairs, vases, mirrors, benches, and platters; for decorative purposes, I create mosaic figurines, patio sculpture, art panels, and ornaments. My work also extends to the design and installation of kitchen backsplashes and fireplace surrounds. Commissions may include new, recycled, or repurposed materials, yours or mine.
See my work in Bisbee at Ana's Seasonal Kitchen and Tang Gallery; online at enmosaics.com/gallery or search for EN Mosaics on Pinterest and Facebook.

Website: www.enmosaics.com


Tamara Page

Email Address: tamarapageart@gmail.com

Preferred Contact Number for Clients: tamarapageart@gmail.com

Work Description: Tamara's work exists in a world where the old becomes new again, and the new becomes story. Created from vintage and found objects, her detailed assemblages convey the struggles of faith found, and fortune lost; of idols cast down, and tiny heroes held aloft; of birth, death...and rebirth. Work can be found at https://www.etsy.com/shop/TamaraPageArt

Website: http://www.tamarapageart.com


Lucy St. John

Email Address: azcraft@hotmail.com

Preferred Contact Number for Clients: No number but can be reached on Facebook.

Work Description: Miniatures, sewing, jewelry, and mixed media art. Available at Miners and Merchants, Acacia, High Desert Market, and Bisbee Food Coop.

Website: Lucy St. John Miniatures on Facebook.