Disclaimer: Bisbee Craft School loves all of our Cochise County artists and craftspeople on principle, but that doesn't mean we are personally familiar with their work. When contacting an artist or craftsperson for a potential job, we recommend you ask for several examples of past work before making a decision about working with them and also come to a mutual agreement about payment on paper.  Different people have different ideas of what "art" and "craft" are, and working with an actual human is never as simple as buying a mass-produced object, but we know it can be far more fulfilling when it does go well.  Bisbee Craft School is not financially responsible for any business dealings that come out of anyone's use of this list.

But we do love to hear about success stories..


Jenny Druckman

Email Address: dreadnot@cableone.net

Preferred Contact Number for Clients: Email please.

Work Description: Ceramics


Lori Kovash

Email Address: Lori.kovash@yahoo.com

Preferred Contact Number for Clients: 520-234-5528

Work Description: Jewelry designer, potter, quilter, wood work...


Alan Potter

Email Address: alanpotterceramics@yahoo.com

Preferred Contact Number for Clients: 520-664-5529

Work Description: Raku-fired hand built sculpture

Website: Www.apotterceramics.com


Louise Walden

Email Address: louise100752@gmail.com

Preferred Contact Number for Clients: 5205073104

Work Description: Fine art paintings mostly oils but also work with acrylic, pastel and pencil. 
I also do hand thrown pottery and crafts..

Website: http://artbylouisewalden.weebly.com/