Ruta Lauleva Aiono currently resides in Bisbee, Arizona, and works primarily as a student midwife, placenta encapsulator, and fermentation creatrix.

Her interest in ancestral skills grew out of love and wonder for the ways human animals have learned to use cultural adaptations: tools, practices, rituals, in lieu of biological adaptations: fur, teeth, instinct. She studied archaeology in college, but became disenchanted with the sterility of academia and found her way into the 'primitive skills' community where she learned about hide tanning. This way of interacting directly with one's environment and being a primary participant in creating the means of clothing / sheltering herself was deeply healing.

In addition to working with several amazing hide-tanners at the annual skills gatherings, she has been fortunate to apprentice under a butcher / 'paleotechnologist' who specializes in 'nose-to-tail' animal processing that works from traditional methods of utilizing every part of an animal. She has also worked with friends and acquaintances butchering and processing animals for food and fiber (alpaca, cow, goat, sheep), and picks up roadkill when she can. She casually shares what she has learned with friends and in gathering settings.